Business Services

Let our experienced team of professionals provide expert, local support for all of your company's computer related needs: servers, desktops, laptops, network, email and more.

Each business has a different set of computer requirements. Some companies may only need a single laptop or desktop, others may need a lot more. Different companies have different email standards - gmail is fine for some but others need the complex and comprehensive Microsoft Exchange. There are also the issues of networking computers together. Is wireless good enough? Is the wireless secure enough? Or is there a need for the computers to be physically wired to the network?

Questions and the resulting problems like these demand expertise. The technicians at PC Doctor have that expertise and can help you determine if your computer infrastructure is sufficient for your needs.

PC Doctor provides businesses a Technology Evaluation that will:

  • Document your business goals as they relate to technology
  • Document your current technology including networks
  • Make recommendations for software, hardware and network upgrades and improvements rationalizing each recommendation
  • Prioritizing the recommendations to ensure your business has what it needs when it needs it


PC Doctor also provides the following services to businesses:

  • Network wiring
  • Laptop, Desktop and Server purchases and installation
  • Software installation, including Windows and Application software
  • Complete Hardware and Software Management. This means we maintain a complete inventory of all of your laptops, desktops, servers, printers, routers as well software applications. Our management process identifies which computer has which software program installed and can ensure you are in compliance with all licensing agreements. This will also be able to identify when and how many software and hardware upgrades will be needed.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your sever equipment
  • ​Data Backup
  • Internet Traffic Management. Ensure your employees do not violate any company or security policies by visiting non-official websites.
  • Microsoft Exchange server installation, setup and management
  • Ability to provide a "Spare" computer for those emergency situations


Our Specialty is providing support to Medical and Dental offices of all sizes. We are very experienced in providing HIPAA compliant solutions and can help bring your comany into HIPAA compliance if needed.



Computer Repair

We repair all makes and models of servers, desktops and laptops. 

PC Doctor is a full service laptop and computer repair company serving the Greater Springfield, MA area. Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience and are qualified to diagnose and repair any laptop, desktop or server.

Computers are very complex systems comprised of many different parts. When your computer has issues, it can be difficult to determine if the cause is a hardware failure, a software issue or a virus. We at PC Doctor have the experience and training to diagnose your laptops, desktops and servers to find and repair the issues they may be having. When we need to replace parts, we only use the highest quality of parts designed to work in your system. 

When a computer system has a hardware failure, it usually is one these common parts:

  • Hard Drive
    • The hard drive in your computer is where all your programs and data is stored. EVERY computer should have a Backup process in place regardless of whether the computer is for personal or business use. When a hard drive fails, it is a fairly simple process to replace the it. The bigger problem is Recovering the data that was on the drive. Contact Us at the first sign of a problem to ensure your valuable and often irreplaceable data, documents and photos remain safe.
  • Power Supply
    • A computer's power supply is just that - it supplies the electrical power to your computer. When a power supply fails, it is always simpler, easier and cheaper to replace them rather than repair them. Of course, a failed power supply must be correctly diagnosed first. If your computer does not turn on or displays error messages, Contact Us to properly diagnose the problem.  
  • Motherboard
    • The motherboard controls everything in your computer. Similar to the power supply, is can be faster and cheaper to replace a failed motherboard rather and repair one. However, replacing must be done only when necessary and must be done carefully. The experts at PC Doctor know how to determine when a motherboard needs to be replaced and has the experience to know how to replace one. Contact Us and let our experience work for you.


Software fall into two main categories - Windows software and Application software. The experts at PC Doctor can investigate and determine if the Windows software may be causing any issues with your computer. If this is the case, we know how to solve these issues - some of which may actually be connected to hardware issues. When you have an application that does not appear to function correctly, we can help determine if the issue is related to the hardware or Windows software and provide a solution if it is. If it is not, we will try to work with you to determine the issue and help you decide a proper course of action.


Computer viruses range from benign annoyances that may simply slow your system to extremely dangerous programs that can obtain your bank account details and gain access to your money, erase all of your data or encrypt your data and hold it hostage until you pay a ransom. PC Doctor can thoroughly scan your computer for any of the millions of possible viruses and other types damaging infections and then safely and completely remove them. Please see our Virus Removal page for more information.



Files Transfer (Old to New PC)

Are you considering purchasing a new Computer?  With technology evolving so rapidly, it is not unusual for someone to replace his or her computer on a fairly regular basis.  While updating your technology with a new PC is certainly a smart move to make, you might be wondering how you are supposed to get all of the files on your old PC transferred to the new one.  With the help of PC Doctor, you can put your worries to rest!

Make it Simple with PC Doctor By Your Side

If you attempt to transfer your files from your old computer to your new one, you will quickly find that it is an arduous task.  This is particularly true if you have hundreds or even thousands of files, as transferring the files can be quite time consuming.  The process can be greatly simplified if your data is transferred in the right way.  Better yet, you don't have to lift a finger when you let technician do the job for you!

Transfer All of Your Data Safely and Efficiently

When you trust PC Doctor to fulfill your data transfer needs, you can take comfort in knowing that your files are in safe hands.  I will perform the transfer in a secure and efficient manner, which will allow you to get up and running on your new computer in no time at all.  Everything from your files, music, pictures, videos and even some software applications can be transferred in a matter of minutes.  Pick up where you left off when you let PC Doctor perform your data transfer!

Get the Professional Data Transfer Services You Deserve from PC Doctor

Why frustrate yourself by transferring files one-by-one and re-installing all of your software applications manually?  Trust PC Doctor with your data transfer needs and avoid make your transfer quick and seamless. Call us today or just stop by to our Feeding Hills shop today to get started!


Data Backup

What would you do if your computer or laptop was damaged or stolen?  Whether your laptop or PC is attacked by a virus, damaged, lost or stolen, losing all of your files can be devastating. After all, many of us have our family photos stored on our laptops as well as documents for work, school or our home based businesses.  How would you feel if all of these documents were suddenly gone?

Prepare for the Worse with the Help of PC Doctor

Although no one wants to believe that these terrible problems will happen to them, it is essential to be prepared for any worse case scenario. So, how can you avoid experiencing the total loss of your computer files?  The answer is simple:  data backup.  With the help of our professional services, all of your computer files can be safely backed up so you can recover them at any time.

Backup Your Computer Files

There are several different ways to backup computer files, which is why I will work closely with you to determine your needs in order to find the solution that is best for you.  Not sure how to implement a data backup solution on your own?  No problem!  we will take care of the entire process for you!  Then, if your computer breaks down or becomes lost or stolen, you can instantly restore your information with the help of your backup solution. 

Get the Professional Data Backup Services You Deserve from PC Doctor

Don't wait any longer to backup data on your PC or laptop.  Call PC Doctor today and we will personally visit your home and set up your data backup system.  We  will also show you how to operate your backup system so you can operate it completely on your own!



Data Recovery

Deleted the wrong file? Hard Drive Crashed? Don't assume that your data is gone forever. If you have a backup process in place, the PCDoctor technicians can safely and accurately recover that deleted file or your failed hard drive.

Even if you don't have a backup, we can often recover your "lost" data. There are many tools and techniques that can be used, depending upon how recently the file was deleted or the nature of the hard drive crash. The sooner you Contact Us, the better the chance of a successful recovery.

We can recover from laptops, desktops, servers, business computers and home computers. Don't let a mistake or a failed device completely ruin your day - call and let us help!



HIPAA Compliance

Are you confident your organization could pass a random HIPAA compliance audit conducted by federal regulators? From security awareness training to PHI access management and device controls, complying with HIPAA is vital for the health of your organization.

Whether internal or external, threats to the security of PHI continue to evolve. In response, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is becoming more complex, challenging hospitals, integrated delivery systems, physician groups, clinics, insurers, and other healthcare organizations to strengthen security postures to comply. Failing to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA can result in fines, lawsuits, and damage to your reputation.

PC Doctor has being providing security managment to  medical companies in the Springfield area for over 12 years  and  can help you assess and identify areas for improvement in your security to aid you in meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. Using a risk methodology tightly aligned with HIPAA compliance requirements, our Security and Risk Consulting team will conduct the required risk analysis to help you to identify and apply the appropriate security measures and controls.

HIPAA compliancy isn't just about technology and data, it's also about people. Your workforce must know the appropriate policies and procedures to work with PHI securely. Security Awareness Training is a necessity, as are workstation policies and media and device controls.

Call us and Get the help you need to confidently comply with HIPAA.



Hardware Sales

PC Doctor can handle all aspect of your computer systems including hardware purchases and upgrades. We can analyze your needs and make recommendations that fit these needs AND your budget. We can purchase, install and configure every part of your computer system including laptops, desktops, servers, printers, backup drives, monitors, routers, cable and more. 



Maintenance Contracts

You are an expert in your business. Let the experts at PC Doctor watch over your computer systems. We can provide piece of mind by monitoring your network, the health of your servers, installations, firewalls and more all while protecting your budget. With a PC Doctor maintenance contract, you can simplify your budget and know you are covered as employees come and go, viruses attack and machines fail.

Companies with a maintenance contract receive priority support including access to spare equipment ensuring your employees and your business are always running at 100% efficiency.

Contact Us to see how our maintenance contract can improve your business.



Virus and Malware Removal

Are you suddenly having unexplainable problems with your computer or laptop?  If you are having problems operating your computer or if it is otherwise doing strange things, it is possible it has become infected with a virus or with a spyware program.  If this has happened to you, there is no need to panic.  With the help of PC Doctor, your desktop computer or laptop can be cleaned up and running properly once more.

Save Your Computer from Malware with the Help of PC Doctor

If your computer has become infected with malware such as viruses or spyware, it is important to get it cleaned up as soon as possible.  These malware programs drain your computer's resources and cause unwanted programs to run in the background - often without you even realizing it.  As a result, your computer slows down and may ultimately crash.  The sooner this software is removed, the less damage will occur to your PC or laptop.

Prevent Future Malware Attacks When You Hire PC Doctor

In addition to removing viruses and spyware from your computer or PC, I will also do everything possible to repair any damage that may have occurred while also getting your PC or laptop protected from future attacks.  Setting up the proper security on your PC or laptop is something that should not be taken light, which is why I will do everything I can to improve your security levels so this never happens to you again.

Get the Professional Virus and Spyware Removal Services You Deserve from PC Doctor

If you suspect your computer or laptop has been infected by a virus or spyware, you shouldn't waste any time getting it removed. Call us as soon as possible and I will be happy to come to your home or bring you computer to us and will take care of the problem for you.


Rates and Fees

In House Service $65 per hour Minimum 1 hour
Home Visit Service $100 per hour Minimum 1 hour
Business Service Call $105 per hour Minimum 1 hour (Guaranteed 4 hour on-site service)
Emergency Service Call $145 per hour Minimum 1 hour (Guaranteed 1 hour on-site service)
Pickup or Drop Off Fee $25 One or the other
Pickup and Drop Off Fee $35 Both
Remote Support Service $1 per minute (minimum 15 minutes )
In-house Files recovery from broken pc $50  
Virus\Malware removal flat fee $65  
PC tune up $65

10% Discount for Churches, Military and Seniors