Customer File Safety and Privacy Statement

You Won't Lose Data!

If your computer is infected with a bad virus, or if Windows is not starting, or if your computer is extremely slow, and there is nothing physically wrong with your hardware (meaning your hard drive is still working properly), we will most likely be able to fix your computer without you losing any data! Many other computer repair shops fix computers by wiping the hard drive and reinstalling windows from scratch, causing all your data, programs, and personal files to be lost! PC Doctor specializes in removing viruses and repairing Windows without you having to lose any files, so that your computer will be just as it was before it had a problem.

If your computer is showing signs of a bad or damaged hard drive, we will back up your system before doing any other work.


Your Personal Computer Files Will Not Be Compromised!

We guarantee that your personal data files on your computer will not viewed or made copies of for any reason other than if required to fix your PC or to backup your data when necessary.  If we do backup your computer the backup will be kept for at least 30 days and then it will be deleted.