Computer Repair

We repair all makes and models of servers, desktops and laptops. 

PC Doctor is a full service laptop and computer repair company serving the Greater Springfield, MA area. Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience and are qualified to diagnose and repair any laptop, desktop or server.

Computers are very complex systems comprised of many different parts. When your computer has issues, it can be difficult to determine if the cause is a hardware failure, a software issue or a virus. We at PC Doctor have the experience and training to diagnose your laptops, desktops and servers to find and repair the issues they may be having. When we need to replace parts, we only use the highest quality of parts designed to work in your system. 

When a computer system has a hardware failure, it usually is one these common parts:

  • Hard Drive
    • The hard drive in your computer is where all your programs and data is stored. EVERY computer should have a Backup process in place regardless of whether the computer is for personal or business use. When a hard drive fails, it is a fairly simple process to replace the it. The bigger problem is Recovering the data that was on the drive. Contact Us at the first sign of a problem to ensure your valuable and often irreplaceable data, documents and photos remain safe.
  • Power Supply
    • A computer's power supply is just that - it supplies the electrical power to your computer. When a power supply fails, it is always simpler, easier and cheaper to replace them rather than repair them. Of course, a failed power supply must be correctly diagnosed first. If your computer does not turn on or displays error messages, Contact Us to properly diagnose the problem.  
  • Motherboard
    • The motherboard controls everything in your computer. Similar to the power supply, is can be faster and cheaper to replace a failed motherboard rather and repair one. However, replacing must be done only when necessary and must be done carefully. The experts at PC Doctor know how to determine when a motherboard needs to be replaced and has the experience to know how to replace one. Contact Us and let our experience work for you.


Software fall into two main categories - Windows software and Application software. The experts at PC Doctor can investigate and determine if the Windows software may be causing any issues with your computer. If this is the case, we know how to solve these issues - some of which may actually be connected to hardware issues. When you have an application that does not appear to function correctly, we can help determine if the issue is related to the hardware or Windows software and provide a solution if it is. If it is not, we will try to work with you to determine the issue and help you decide a proper course of action.


Computer viruses range from benign annoyances that may simply slow your system to extremely dangerous programs that can obtain your bank account details and gain access to your money, erase all of your data or encrypt your data and hold it hostage until you pay a ransom. PC Doctor can thoroughly scan your computer for any of the millions of possible viruses and other types damaging infections and then safely and completely remove them. Please see our Virus Removal page for more information.