Business Services

Let our experienced team of professionals provide expert, local support for all of your company's computer related needs: servers, desktops, laptops, network, email and more.

Each business has a different set of computer requirements. Some companies may only need a single laptop or desktop, others may need a lot more. Different companies have different email standards - gmail is fine for some but others need the complex and comprehensive Microsoft Exchange. There are also the issues of networking computers together. Is wireless good enough? Is the wireless secure enough? Or is there a need for the computers to be physically wired to the network?

Questions and the resulting problems like these demand expertise. The technicians at PC Doctor have that expertise and can help you determine if your computer infrastructure is sufficient for your needs.

PC Doctor provides businesses a Technology Evaluation that will:

  • Document your business goals as they relate to technology
  • Document your current technology including networks
  • Make recommendations for software, hardware and network upgrades and improvements rationalizing each recommendation
  • Prioritizing the recommendations to ensure your business has what it needs when it needs it


PC Doctor also provides the following services to businesses:

  • Network wiring
  • Laptop, Desktop and Server purchases and installation
  • Software installation, including Windows and Application software
  • Complete Hardware and Software Management. This means we maintain a complete inventory of all of your laptops, desktops, servers, printers, routers as well software applications. Our management process identifies which computer has which software program installed and can ensure you are in compliance with all licensing agreements. This will also be able to identify when and how many software and hardware upgrades will be needed.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your sever equipment
  • ​Data Backup
  • Internet Traffic Management. Ensure your employees do not violate any company or security policies by visiting non-official websites.
  • Microsoft Exchange server installation, setup and management
  • Ability to provide a "Spare" computer for those emergency situations


Our Specialty is providing support to Medical and Dental offices of all sizes. We are very experienced in providing HIPAA compliant solutions and can help bring your comany into HIPAA compliance if needed.